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Friday, 30 June 2017

What are microservices ?

Microservices are an Architectural style in which large and complex applications are composed into one or more smaller services.

I will explain you with online store.
It has a product catalague, shopping cart to buy stuff,My orders to track the status of the order,
Product Serch function and Special Promo.

Traditional Architecture:
Traditional Architecture builts these features into single application, single database.Adding new features into these becomes tightly coupled dependencies.
The application is manage with the single package.

Microservices Architecture :

Microservices Architecture, each feature is built in isolation, independent of the all the other features.
HTTP REST or Message Bus is used to communicate with each other asynchrously.

Why would i need Microservices ?

Traditional Architecture creates large monolithic packages that can be challenging to deploy.
Configuration is can be hard to manage.
Deployments will be difficult.

Microservices are small. Packaged and deploy independent of each other, that makes configuration easier to manage.
Multiple times can be deploy easily.

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