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Saturday, 19 August 2017

Aws Security Groups

The very first thing to ensure that the unwanted or unauthorized traffic doesn't get in into the instances using Security Group.

What is a Security Group?
It is a AWS firewall solution which filters the incoming and outgoing traffic from an instance.
Filtering is done based upon the ip protocols,ports and source/destination ip addresses.

At the backend requires X.509 certificate and key to authorise changes.

How to configure security groups while creating instance.
You can configure security groups while creating instance or anytime after creating instance.

Figure 1.0

Figure 1.1

Here you can configure security group.

Start configure security rules. Security rules for set of firewall rules that control the traffic. what kind of traffic can reach the instance.
The rules we are going to configure are Inbound rules.

If we use linux based machine, configure SSH. SSH stands for secure shell. Secure access to the remote machine.It always communicates over port 22.It is static and you cannot change the port.
If it is Windows based machine, configure RDP. By default it will give root access to the machine.
If we select source anywhere, across internet can access the machine via SSH. This is quite dangerous. 

You can choose custom ip for security purpose. 

Web Traffic:
Web traffic can come from any source.     -> allows all the traffic.which is not secure.

HTTP communicates over port 80.
HTTPS always communicates over port 443. 
Depends on what traffic you want to allow in, you can add rule here.

Figure 1.2

Figure 1.3

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