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Friday, 30 June 2017

535 Authentication Credentials Invalid

Email ErrorError: Invalid login: 535 Authentication Credentials Invalid

Solution : Your email sending app does not provide correct SMTP credentials to Amazon SES. Provide the correct credentials.
Please check you app sending correct credentials.

Once your authentication success, you will get  - 235  for Authentication successful
                                                                     - 250  for Successful delivery
                                                                     - 454  for daily sending quota exceeded.
                                                                     -454  for maximum sending rate exceeded.
                                                                     -454 for problem in receiving the request or                                                                                validating SMTP credentials.

What are microservices ?

Microservices are an Architectural style in which large and complex applications are composed into one or more smaller services.

I will explain you with online store.
It has a product catalague, shopping cart to buy stuff,My orders to track the status of the order,
Product Serch function and Special Promo.

Traditional Architecture:
Traditional Architecture builts these features into single application, single database.Adding new features into these becomes tightly coupled dependencies.
The application is manage with the single package.

Microservices Architecture :

Microservices Architecture, each feature is built in isolation, independent of the all the other features.
HTTP REST or Message Bus is used to communicate with each other asynchrously.

Why would i need Microservices ?

Traditional Architecture creates large monolithic packages that can be challenging to deploy.
Configuration is can be hard to manage.
Deployments will be difficult.

Microservices are small. Packaged and deploy independent of each other, that makes configuration easier to manage.
Multiple times can be deploy easily.

Monday, 26 June 2017

Block Storage vs Object Storage

What is the difference between block storage and object storage in aws?

Block Storage :

Block storage block level operations are possible. Hence one block is changed that contains the changed data.

Example : AWS EBS storage

Object Storage :

Entire file must be removed and new file need to put there

Example : AWS S3 storage

Saturday, 24 June 2017

AWS Elastic Beanstalk

Elastic Beanstalk is managing layer for AWS services like EC2, RDS, Elastic Load Balancing. It removes the requirement for manually launching the AWS resources that are required to run the apps. Instead of doing manual, you can upload your app, Elastic Beanstalk handles provisioning, load balancing and app health monitoring etc.

You can configure the resources by programatically using AWS Api.

Elastic Beanstalk provides the ability to deploy and manage the containerized apps.

Amazon ECS

It is highly scalable and  highly performance container service that makes easy to run,stop and manage Docker containers on a cluster of EC2 instances.
The Docker containers that you currently use, will run eactly the same on Amazon ECS.
Aws ECS eliminates the need to install, operates and scale your cluster infra.
ECS enables you to grow from single container to thousands of containers across hundreds of instances without any struggle.
ECS supports Docker and enables to run docker containers across cluster aws ec2 instances. With ECS, you need to launch a cluster of container services and specify the tasks you want to run.

Monitor the containers with centralized service.

ECS responsibilities:
·         Docker daemon management
·         Deployment through task definitions
·         Srvices and ELB integration

The only thing you need to manage is container instances by yourself.

Amazon EC2 Container Registry :
It is fully managed Docker container registry.
IAM users and roles
Encrypted In transit.
Available in multiple regions.

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

What is Amazon EBS

  • It is like a virtual hard drive you can use with ec2 instances.
  • It is a service!
  • Amazon EBS is a block storage system that is used for storing persistence data.
  • Aws provides highly available block storage to use storage with ec2 instances.
  • Ec2 instances have local storage that stores as long as instance running. If you shutdown the system, you loose local storage data. If you want to save the data, you need to use elastic block storage.
  • It is an independent of EC2.

  • It persists independently and you can attach it to your ec2 instances when needed, once attached , you can use it as any physical hard drive.

  • When you use EBS with EC2 to store data, if ec2 instance fails, you don't have to worry about loosing the data because, it is housed on block storage volume.

  • EBS volumes can  be between 1GB to 1 TB in size.
  • EBS created in a particular availabilility zone, or AZ.
Wen you create an Amazon EBS volume in an AZ, it is automatically replicated within that zone to prevent data loss due to failure of any single hardware component.

EBS can be attached one instance at a time, but many volumes can be attached to single instance at a time.

EBS Volume Types :
  • Magnetic
  • General Purpose (SSD)
  • Provisioned IOPS(SSD)

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Elastic IP's are free or Charged - AWS

Elastic IP address are static IPv4 address designed for dynamic cloud computing. Aws provides elastic ip's for free.
Elastic IP's are Free when attached to running instances. Once the elastic ip is assigned, if the instance is other than running state, it will be treated as unassociated elastic ip and will get charged.

Stopped instances elastic ip's also getting charged by aws.
So be carefull about the Elastic Ip's.


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