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Monday, 31 July 2017

Features of MongoDB

One of the  main reasons  to use NOSQL database is built in sharing capabilities.
Sharing allows to distribute single database across cluster of machines.

It means, distribute the load rather than purchasing the large server. 
Sharing also help in server handling big data. The data stored in database is increasing exponentially. 
Some databases are very large for each server. So distribution across cluster is necessary. 

No sql databases are lot easier to maintain with the administration tools.

It also supports aggregation (Batch data processing ) and aggregate calculations using the native operations.
It is a schema less database.
It supports map reduce (Large volume of data into useful aggregated data.)
It also supports geospatial and secondary indexes on the collections.

Indexes are efficient execution of queries.Create a simple and complex indexes which will be used for speeding up the query execution.

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