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Thursday, 13 July 2017

Online training

We provide training on Amazon Web Services

1. AWS Architecture and different models of Cloud Computing 
2. Compute Services: AWS EC2, Auto Scaling and Load Balancing, AWS Lambda, Elastic Beanstalk
3. Storage Services : AWS S3, AWS EBS,  AWS Glacier, AWS CloudFront, Storage Gateway,AWS Snowball
4. Database Services: AWS RedShift, AWS RDS,  ElastiCache, AWS DynamoDB
5. Security and Identity Services: IAM, KMS
6. Networking Services: Route 53, Amazon VPC, Direct Connect

7. Management Tools: AWS CloudTrail, Trusty Advisor, AWS CloudWatch, CloudFormation, OpsWorks

We also provide training on Angular, NodeJS, MongoDB, MySQL, Android, iOS

you can reach us: 

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Online Training

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